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the truth about ozrip off larry pickering csi arbitrage

Ok everyone this is to let everyone know that OZRIPOFF is being run by Larry Pickering and Wayne Evans and we have just had confirmation of this with the Queensland fraud squad who traced there IP addresses and it turns out that they were all traced back to a registered IP address in the name of Antoinette Mead who is the acting director of Cohen Strachan Investment Pty Ltd so from now everyone do not make any complaints to OZRIPOFF as it is being run by Larry Pickering and Wayne Evans.

Also for anyone who is having trouble trying to get more information about IAS HK and Nominee Traders then all of you can take a look at this

Domain Name: IASHK.COM.HK
Contract Version: HKDNR latest version
Registrant Contact Information:
Company Chinese name:
Country: HK
Domain Name Commencement Date: 04-08-2008
Expiry Date: 08-08-2013
Re-registration Status: Complete
Name of Registrar: HKDNR
Administrative Contact Information:
Given name: TONY
Family name: LENTINO
Country: HK
Phone: +613--97834466
Fax: +613--97831800
Technical Contact Information:Family name: LENTINO
Country: HK
Phone: +613--97834466
Fax: +613--97831800

YEP THATS RIGHT this great company called Nominee Traders that apparently is supposed to be trading all of your money that you invested with them by professional traders is actually registered to a flat in Hong Kong where we have just found out that an old Chinese lady lives there.

So this is where all of your money was going and yet Larry Pickering oopps sorry I mean toppods oops sorry I mean Paul Perry oh shit sorry Larry which name are you under today you just make it so confusing well I will tell you where all of your money has gone to LARRY PICKERING HAS TRANSFERED ALL OF YOUR MONEY TO THE CAYMEN ISLANDS OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS

So all Larry does is set up a business with his fuckwit mate Wayne Evans and he gets a 3rd party who has never been convicted before of fraud to be the acting director then he runs the show and instructs them as to what to do in regards to how the scam operation is to be run and when the law finally catches up with them they basically let the acting director take the wrap and they do a small jail sentence while nothing is ever traced or tied back to them leaving them free to set up another business and try again and thats how they have been getting away with it for so long.

Also during my CTTT court proceedings Larry was using the name of Paul Perry and through some investigation it turns out that there is a Horse Trainer in Newcastle by the name of Paul Perry of whom both he and Larry Pickering were training horses together in the mid 80's and are still best of friends till this day but as to whether or not the real Paul Perry knows that Larry is using his name to scam people out of around 30 million dollars Australia wide is another story but if anyone wants to get in contact with the real Paul Perry then here is his details and you can ask him yourself as to whether or not he knows that Larry is using his name to scam people out of there hard earned money.

Paul Perry Racing
P O Box 624
The Junction
Newcastle NSW 2291
Phone: 0408 683 540 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0408 683 540 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

So once again please do not make complaints to the OZRIPOFF website as it is being run by Larry Pickering and his fuckwit mate Wayne Evans and if also anyone wants to contact Wayne Evans to find out where all of your money is then you can reach Wayne on his web site which is

Gold Coast
Head Office - Gold Coast
License Enquiries
Mob: 0412 139 322
Address PO Box 7367
GCMC Bundall
QLD 9726
Wedding Enquiries
Mobile:0412 139 322
Byron Bay
Licensee:Marc & Wendy Browne
Mob:0418 284969
AddressO Box 55
Byron Bay
NSW 2481
Cranbourne, Victoria
Licenseeeter Light
Mob:0428 923557 (0428 9BELLS)
Address:28 Jacinta Drive
VIC, 3977

So give Wayne a call and maybe he might be able to shed some light on just exactly how he spent all of your hard earned money on buying gifts for himself and his family.

Also Larry Pickering plays golf at the Grand Golf Course in Brisbane and I have been speaking to a Michelle Bowers and apparently Larry has been bragging to his friends that he plays golf with that he paid for his $60k membership with The Grand Golf Course with money that he scammed from people from the Carbona software and thats how he paid for his membership and I have been in contact with Michelle Bowers about this and she to has also confirmed this and she has asked me to help her with this allegations with the police as she has stated that they do not wish to be accepting money from Larry Pickering if it is stolen money or has been fraudulently obtained and they are about to send a letter to Larry asking him to come to a meeting to speak to them about it so in my opinion its only a matter of time before the golf club kicks him out and if anyone wants to make any enquiries with the golf club then here are there details.

Contact The Grand Golf Club
364 Gilston Road
Gilston, Queensland
PO Box 440
Nerang QLD 4211
T: 61 7 5596-0400
F: 61 7 5596-0444
Michelle Bowers, General Manager

Also I have been speaking to a Bill Thomson from delphia solutions accountants and it was him and Larry Pickering who first started Cohen Strachan Investment in the first place but it turns out that Larry scammed Bill Thomsons wife out a quarter of a mill but Bill Thomson cant dob Larry in for this because Larry has stuff on Bill that would incriminate him even more but Bill Thomson is now on our side and he is now co operating with the police with there enquiries as to where he thinks all of the money that was stolen has gone to and he will be also appearing at the Gosford Courthouse in order give testimony that Paul Perry is Larry Pickering so this will also be a big help to the case. If anyone wants to get in contact with Bill Thomson and ask him where all of your money is then here is his details.

Delphia Accountants
Phone: (07) 5559-2830
Fax: (07) 5559-2831
P.O. Box 439
Mudgeeraba Qld 4213

As for where little Larry lives well I can let you all know that he lives in a Penthouse in the Crown Towers on the gold coast thats right check out the web site and see how luxurious Larry and his fuckwit son live on the money that we worked for and look at how he lives it up and enjoys our money that he stole from us.

So there you go everyone now if you want to start putting some pressure on Larry Pickering oopps i mean topodds oopps shit I mean Paul Perry ooopss sorry I mean Larry then go ahead and give the Crown Tower's a call or email them and start putting pressure on them to evict Larry out of the Crown Towers and dont worry about where he might go after this as we have people who are following him day and night.

Ph: 0755559999

Also for anyone who wants to also contact Antoinette Mead to find out also as to where your money is that you worked hard for then here is Anoinettes details so for everyone who got scammed give her a call on her mobile and ask her as to where your money is.

Antoinette Mead
9/152 Palm Meadows Road
Carrara QLD 4211

Or the white pages has her listed at

150 Palm Meadows Road
Carrara QLD 4211
Fax Number 0755936713
Mobile number: 0437828865

Also for anyone who might be able to help the Australian Taxation office in regards to Larry's tax evasion that he has been committing for several year's and has managed to get away with then you may contact

Jasmine Edwards
ATO Locked Bag 96 Southport QLD 4215

as she has been appointed to personally oversee anything that is related to any type of tax evasion of fraud that has been committed by Larry Pickering so please forward her an email and she will be more then greatfull for any assistance or information that you can give her in regards to Larry Pickering.

Also if anyone wants to contact the business expo organisers that are allowing Larry Pickering to present his scam software at there expos then please get in contact with

John Perry
Expo Event Co Ordinator
Ph: 0396969961

and make a complaint in regards to Cohen Strachan Investment selling fraudulent software and scamming people out of millions of dollars and they are trying there best to make sure that they are kicked out.

Also here is the details of the Queensland Fraud Squad and the officer who is handling the case for Cohen Strachan Investment is Senior Constable Debbie Nicholson and you can reach her on

Brisbane Fraud Squad
Senior Constable Nicholson
Ph: 0733644125

Also if anyone wants to make a complaint to the HSBC bank and let them know of the fraud that is happening through there bank then please contact

Ph: 1300 308 008
HSBC account number : 178682266838

and let him know that Larry Pickering is using this bank to launder money through when he encourages people to invest there money in N

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